• General rules
  • Library rules
  • Rules of payment of fees
  • Admission and withdrawals
  • Examinations and promotions
  • Rules for using school transportation
  • Rules for boarders
  • Students must bring the almanac to school everyday. Parents must compulsorily go through the school almanac carefully, for any communication from school.
  • Students must reach the school at least five minutes before the school bellings.
  • Every student should come to school in complete & proper school uniform. Every student must maintain personal hygiene for hair, nails ears & teeth. Students will not be allowed in the school premises without complete school uniform.
  • Regular attendance in school is a must. Leave will be granted only for valid reasons, with a prior written note from parent. A medical certificate should be compulsorily submitted in case of illness.
  • It is mandatory for every student to attend all school activities like games, drill, visits etc.. For exemption from any of the activities, a medical certificate with application from parents should be submitted in the school.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher in class.
  • During school hours, students will not be permitted to leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal or Vice Principal.
  • The students will be restricted from answering phone calls during class hours. The parent can leave the message for the student at the school reception.
  • Mobile phones should not be brought to school by students. They are strictly prohibited.
  • The students must not bring any money to school without the permission of the school authorities.
  • Valuable articles like mobile phones, jewellery, i-pods, watches, cameras, tape recorders etc. should be avoided by the student. The school shall not be responsible if such articles are lost on campus.
  • The day boarders are not permitted to visit the school premises after the school working hours.
  • Only text books and school library books are permitted in the school premises. Books and other belongings should be labelled with name and class.
  • Every student must respect the school property. Any student responsible for damage to school property, will be charged for the damages and the caution money shall be forfeited.
  • Students should maintain discipline in the school bus. In case of any indiscipline, the student will be barred from using the school bus.
  • No student will be permitted to use a two wheeler unless he/she holds a valid license as well as consent letter from the parent.
  • Parents and guardians will not be allowed to visit their wards or their teacher in the classroom during school hours.
  • Parent should take care to attend the PTM and the Result Declaration without fail.
  • The students should not use any unfair means in examination. Any student found cheating, will be barred from the examination.
  • Homework & assignments are an important part of the school curriculum. Students should be regular & systematic in doing it. Guardians should also assist their wards with their homework /assignment.
  • No party or demonstration should be held by the students in school premises during school hours unless permitted by the Principal.
  • The school holds the right to dismiss any student in case of any of the following; inappropriate behaviour, lack of progress in study, over-age, lack of interest on the part of parent or breach of the school rules.
  • A student whose name has been struck off the rolls will have to take a re-admission which will be solely at the discretion of the school authorities. The student will have to pay the admission fees & will also have to complete the other necessary procedures.
  • Any issue pertaining to school function &/or activity should be brought to the notice of the school authorities in the form of a written application. This application can be submitted at the school reception. The matter will be redressed and rectified thereafter.
  • Silence must be strictly observed in the library.
  • The library will function from Monday to Friday, during school hours.
  • The library books will be issued by the librarian only.
  • Every student is responsible for maintenance of the library material.
    Library material can be taken out with the permission of the librarian only.
  • Books will be issued only to the MTWS students and teachers.
  • In case students wish to keep library books for more than 7 days, they must re-issue on the 8th day with permission from librarian.
  • Fine of Rs. one a day will be charged in case of failure to return the book on expiry date.
  • Library books and materials should be handled with care. In case of any damage, the student responsible will have to pay for the damage done.
  • Reference books cannot be taken out of the library by students.
  • Students must return all books before the beginning of examinations, before the beginning of vacations & before seeking a leaving certificate, otherwise a fine equivalent to the value of the book would be charged.
  • Students should not exchange books amongst themselves, without the permission of the librarian and if found guilty, he/she would be penalized.
  • Bags and eatables are prohibited in the library.
  • Every rule and regulation should be followed unfailingly.
  • Parents are requested to read the rules for payment of fees carefully. They are requested to get the fee book for the payment of fees.
    School fees can be paid in three terms for four months at a time. The first term fees can be paid along with the admission fees at the time of admission.
    First Term
    June, July, August, September
    Fees to be paid before 15th June.
    October, November, December, January
    Fees to be paid before 15th October.
    Third Term
    February, March, April, May
    Fees to be paid before 15th February.
  • The fees should be paid on or before the due date of every term.
  • After the due date, a late fee of Rs. 10 will be charged from 16th to 31st of the month. After the 31st, a penalty of Rs.25 per-day will be imposed until the payment of the fees.
  • Fees can be paid at the fee counter of the school office during the school hours on all working days as per the timings given.
  • Payment of fees can be done both In cheque and cash.
  • During payment of fees by cheque, parent should be careful to fill in the details correctly. In case a cheque is not honoured, an additional fine of Rs. 100 will be charged.
  • Students are generally admitted at the beginning of a term.
  • Admission process followed by the school is mentioned below.
    Personal meeting with both parents and ward.
    Students entering standards III - VI will be required to write an entrance test in English.
    Students entering standards VII - X will be required to undertake an entrance examination in both English and Mathematics.
  • The Principal reserves the right to admit or refuse any admission without allocating reasons for the decision.
  • For a student joining the school in KG section for the first time, a photo copy of the birth certificate must be submitted to support the date of birth entered in the admission form. The original birth certificate should be shown for verification.
  • Any admission std. II onwards, is incomplete until the leaving certificate from the previous recognized school is produced.(In case of an out state student the leaving certificate should be countersigned by the education inspector of the state).
  • A leaving certificate will not be issued unless applied for by the parent or guardian in writing and all dues cleared.
  • Fees remain due as long as the pupil's name remains on the roll. If a leaving certificate is not applied for, within one year, a penalty of Rs.100 will be charger for the same.
  • To prepare a duplicate leaving certificate (in case, guardians have lost/misplaced original L.C.)an affidavit needs to be submitted.
  • Application for leaving certificate must be given in writing along with all necessary information.
  • Lack of attendance, disobedience, defiance to authority, harmful conduct will be bona fide reasons for any student's dismissal from school.
  • The students' behavior both in & outside the school premises should be appropriate. If found inappropriate he/she will be liable to Dismissal Suspension/Rustication from school.
  • There will be two examinations i.e. one Terminal (half-yearly) and one Annual Examination in March.
  • No pupil will be allowed to remain absent during any examination, except, in case of genuine health problem. in which case, a medical Certificate must be provided.
  • It should invariably be accompanied by a covering letter from the parent indicating the full Name, Class and Section of the student concerned.
  • In case of illness during the Final Examination, the promotion will be decided on the basis of the performance in the Terminal Examinations. There will be no other Examination at a later date.
  • A pupil who fails to appear in any subject at any Examination will not be entitled to any of the subject prizes. An exception will be made in the case of prizes for behavior etc. Regular attendance is a must to get any prizes.
  • Pupils who fail twice in the same std. &/or who are over-age &/or have repeated any class more than once, are liable to be asked to leave the school.
  • Wilful breach of any Examination rules &/or any dishonesty resorted to, is punishable with suspension from the Examination, cancellation of the paper, or dismissal from the school. depending upon the gravity of the offence.
  • Parents are expected to accept the decision of the school authorities regarding promotions as final.
  • Students will form a queue on the left side of the bus stop.
  • The buses will not wait for students coming late.
  • No movement in the bus is allowed except when the bus comes to a complete halt.
  • For safety purpose, no part of the body should be outside the bus.
  • Bus should be respected as school property & every student will be responsible for its maintenance.
  • Cost of any damage done to the bus will have to be borne by the student who is responsible.
  • Bus drivers should not be instructed to stop at other than nominated stops.
  • Courteous behavior with any one is expected from both ; students & parents. Anybody found misbehaving will not be allowed bus facility with immediate effect.
  • Any complaint should be given or sent in writing to the school office instead of setting/quarreling at the bus stop.
  • Students should be accompanied by parents or guardian, to / from the bus.
  • Boarders should not be given any money by the Parent/Guardian except through the House Master or Matron.
  • Valuable articles like jewellery, i-pads. mobile, watches. cameras. tape recorders etc should not be carried to the school by the students. The school shall not take responsibility if such articles are lost on campus.
  • Day scholars are not permitted to visit the school after the school working hours.
  • Day scholars as well as the boarders will not be permitted to leave the school premises during school hours without the written permission of the authorities.
  • If any boarder leaves the school premises with or without the written permission of the House Master, he/she shall be solely responsible for his behavior outside the school premises. The school shall not be responsible for any accidents, eventualities or mis-happenings during his/her stay outside school premises.
  • The parents should not contact any employee of the school personally, in any matter of the child, without the permission of the appropriate authorities. Every boarders should come to the school In complete school uniform failing which he will not be permitted to attend classes.
  • No student will engage in any act of indiscipline. Any act of physical fight or ragging may result in expulsion/rustication from school at the discretion of the principal.
  • Student will not be permitted to use a two wheeler unless he/she holds a valid license as well as a consent letter from the parent. Students riding two wheelers will have to wear a helmet while riding. Under no circumstances should they allow the other students to drive their vehicle or sit on their vehicle with them. Every vehicle brought to school should have a vehicle pass provided from the school.
  • Parents must keep the school informed about changes in their address & contact numbers if & when it is necessary.
  • The students' entry at House Matron's room, the staff room, the kitchen, pantry, stores and all the roofs of the buildings is strictly prohibited/restricted.
  • Boaders will not keep any medicine with them; any drug to be administered would be done stricly under supervision of the House master or matron & only with consent/note from parent.
  • Parents must compulsorily pick-up the weekly boarders leaving on weekends from pick-up points otherwise they would be brought back to the Hostel.
  • Parents will have to pick-up the Term-boarders from the school hostel at the beginning of every break.
Time Duration Activity
8.3OAm To 8.40Am 10Mins Assembly
8.40AM To 8.50Am 10Min Yoga
8.50AM To 9.05Am 15Min Breakfast
9.05AM To 9.45Am 40Min First Period
9.40AM To 10.20Am 35Min Second Period
10.20AM To 10.55Am 35Min Third Period
10.55AM To 11.30Am 35Min Forth Period
11.30AM To 11.45Am 15Min Break
11.15PM To 12.20PM 35Min Fifth Period
12.20PM To 12.55PM 35Min Sixth Period
12.55PM To 01.30PM 35Min Seventh Period
01.30PM To 02.05PM 35Min Lunch
02.05PM To 03.05PM 60Min Recapitulation Time
03.05PM To 03.50PM 45Min Indoor/Outdoor Activities