It was a great pleasure for the staff and students of Mother Teresa World School to welcome Master Amaury, who has come to India from France as a part of the Cultural Exchange Programme organized by AFS.

On 23rd January, 2021 Master Amaury visited Mother Teresa World School for the first time. The staff and students were all thrilled to meet the young guest. Master Amaury was accompanied by Master Virendra, Ms.Shweta Sadhu and Ms.Varsha Parekh. Master Amaury was first taken to meet the Principal, Ms.Raji Dennis at her office who gave him a warm welcome. After the Principal’s meet he was introduced to the other staff members and was taken around the school campus. Two of our teachers Ms.Antha Jennifer and Ms.Rajlakshmi Raja along with Ms.Shweta Sadhu and Master Virendra were taken to visit the school garden, skating rink, school playground, wheat fields, kitchen garden, school diner wherein he was served hot Dal Pakhwan, a famous dish of Rajasthan which was loved by Amaury. A football match was arranged to acclimatize Master Amaury with the students of Grade 10th. They all had great fun and enjoyed a lot. A welcome card was gifted to Master Amaury by the Principal and towards the end of the visit a beautiful song was presented by Ms.Mousumi Dey and students.

The mighty Bear

The eagle

The squirrel

The Fox

The Stag

The Jag

The White Fox

The Giraffe