Activities & Clubs

The school recognizes the significance of curricular and co curricular activities in the formative years of a child and provision of adequate opportunity to all the students to whole-heartedly participate in activities of their choice. The school has various clubs that conduct activities wherein students and mentor teachers work in conjunction with each other to accomplish specific skills in various activities the children undertake.In the process, children with high level of skills are identified and they are promoted for scientifically designed training interventions for their advancement.

Visits to:

Zoo, Nature parks, Wild Life Sanctuary, Museums, Scientific Laboratories, Foreign Trips, Orphanages, Old Age Homes, Hospitals, Potter, Blacksmith and Industries.

Workshops in:

Photography, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Dance & Drama, Embroidery and so on...


Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Rifle Shooting, Martial Arts, Horse Riding, Pottery, Carpentry and so on...