Mother Teresa was born in Europe and devoted her life selflessly in service of the poor and needy in India. She was a true global citizen with her compassion to serve with love and believed that it is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters. It is from her philosophy of serving with love that we intend to derive our guiding principles and instill it in the system of education.

About Us

Mother Teresa World School, established in June 2012, is affiliated to The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, ICSE, established way back in 1958. Mother Teresa World School also has affiliation of the Gujarat State Education Board, GSEB. The top schools and some of the best schools in Ahmedabad and Gujarat hold ICSE Affiliation. Mother Teresa World School in its infancy strives to achieve excellence in academics & co-curricular through consistent effort, innovation and perseverance.

Mother Teresa World School is a day boarding school wherein the child spends nearly eight to nine hours in school. Mother Teresa World School also offers Residential facilities to both Resident and Non-Resident Indian students. The information regarding admission process for the students in India as well as outside India can be gathered from the school website.

It is with great pride that the school declares that in its very infancy it is ranked among the top schools of Ahmedabad. It is from the philosophy of Mother, of serving with love that we derive our guiding principles and instill them in the system of education.

There is a detailed description of the comprehensive methodology of teaching used in the Kinder Garten, Junior School/Primary, Senior School/Upper-Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary sections.

The school ensures promotion of students from Class IX to Class X on the basis of cumulative achievement level of the student throughout the academic year in the subjects he/she has been registered for.

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Exam ensures a general education and all candidates are required to register for six subjects and Socially Useful Productive Work[S.U.P.W]. For Gujarat State Education Board students have choice of eight subjects, to be made in Class X. The school takes utmost care and dedication to prepare students for competitive exams also.

The school recognizes the role of Curricular and Co-curricular activities in the formative years of a child and so adequate opportunity is given to all the children to whole-heartedly participate in activities of their choice.

The school has seven clubs wherein students and mentor teachers work in conjunction with each other to accomplish improvement in the latent talents & special skills inherent in the children; like Art / Craft, Sports, Karate, Music, Dance, Public -Speaking and much more. Apart from all school activities the students are taken for educational visits to a number of places like Old Age Homes, Hospitals, Industries, Banks, Wildlife Sanctuary, Nature Parks and many more.

The school, in order to give its students an International exposure, has registered with foreign schools under the British Council Programme. It is a matter of great honour for MTWS, that in its very first attempt, the school has won the International School Awards (2014-17) sponsored by the British Council.